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Rob Nijboer Guitar

The love of nature and Sufi poetry are the threads running through the production of this CD. I’ve been looking for a way to connect these two themes to music for a long time. At the age of thirteen, my first guitar teacher, Leo van Rutte,...

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Ill Concerto Barocco

Literally translated, Ill Concerto Barocco means "the baroque concert". This name was chosen as it best describes what this ensemble is about. Ill Concerto Barocco is an ensemble accommodating a wide range of instrumentations ranging from small chamber music settings to full baroque orchestra. The...

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Storewide Sale at NativeDSD

Through May 31st you as listener of Aliud Records can enjoy a Storewide Sale at Native DSD. Native DSD only does Storewide Sales twice a year so take your change and get the 15% OFF with code MAY15 (through May 31st, 2018) at https://aliud.nativedsd.com...

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Sale @Aliud Records

To celebrate Spring 2018 we have some Cd's in sale now. We took randomly some titles from our catalogue to give you for a certain period a 50% sale! Keep in contact to see which titles are of interest and in sale for you! Use the coupon code...

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Bach: Organ Chorales reviews

The organ Chorales of the Leipzig manuscript and Schübler chorales A very well played double album by Vincent van Laar received two new reviews worth reading. There are many recordings of these pieces, so a new one needs to be judged This creates a very different, and very effective...

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