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ACD HN 023-2 - Trio 4 Dor

Trio 4 Dor

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Type: SACD Hybride

Label: Aliud

UPC: 8717775550181
Catalog number: ACDHN 232
Release date: 24 February 08

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New on Aliud is world music. You haven’t seen music in this style earlier on the label. Trio Dor is based in Belgium, and wants us to enjoy the real Gipsy styled Roumenian music..All musician on this album are somewhat related to Roumenia. One of the players mother is born in Roumania, anotherone his father, so anyway enough relationship to Roumanian Gipsy music to make this Super Audio CD. Vlad Weverbergh gives the best of him at this Super Audio CD as a real crossover musian. With his virtuose clarinetplaying he amazes, just like Máté Szuck is doing at the alto violin. For those who love right right into your heart going music must it be impossible listening to this SACD not to move and willingly to dance on it. It takes you to the heart of Roumania. It’s an absolute mustahave!

Vlad Weverbergh – (bass) clarinet
Máté Szücs – alto violin
Michel Lambert – Accordeon
Ioan Baranga – double bass

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