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Expected, A Tribute to Sax

In 2014, Adolphe Sax was remembered and celebrated all over the world: indeed the Belgian genius-inventor was born in Dinant in 1814 and he died 80 years later in Paris after a rather turbulent life with several amazing achievements as well as failures and fiascos!...

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Interiorem by Tobias Messerschmidt

Tobias Messerschmidt, is a professional Percussionist with the main focus on Marimba. He started his musical life with playing drums in the age of 10. At the age of 17 he was studying with Günther Peppel a well known Percussion Player. After Finishing studying with...

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Vincent van Laar releases Bach Organ chorales.

Vincent van Laar performs frequently in the Netherlands and abroad as an organist, harpsichordist and continuo player. Besides his greatest passion, the music of J.S. Bach, he has a predilection for the music of J.P. Sweelinck and the North German repertoire of the 17th and...

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Ensemble Amalthée

Ensemble Amalthée draws its name from Greek mythology; Amalthea was the name of the goat that saved and nursed Zeus, king of the gods. Transformed into a constellation (Capricorn) after its death, it retained its protective mission since its skin became the Aegis, pulled over...

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Trigon Ensemble

TRIGON ensemble is specialised in studying and performing medieval spiritual music. How medieval music sounded at the time no one can really know. What we can do is study the contemporary treatises that were written on the subject. And we can get as close as...

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Korneel Bernolet

Korneel Bernolet (b. 1989) is active as both a harpsichordist and a conductor.At the age of 19, he made his début with La Petite Bande (Sigiswald Kuijken). From then onwards, he is regularly invited as a soloist or ensemble player with a.o. Scherzi Musicali (Nicolas Achten), B’Rock,...

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Bob van der Ent

Bob van der Ent (1982) began his violin studies with Lauri Vreeken-Bos at the age of five and subsequently studied with Jan Repko, Davina van Wely and Herman Krebbers. In 1993 he was one of the first students admitted to the special Young Talent Department at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he graduated in...

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