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ACD OE 124-2 - Rob Nijboer Guitar Cover 1200 x 1200
ACD OE 124-2 - Rob Nijboer Guitar Cover 1200 x 1200

Rob Nijboer Guitar

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Artist: Rob Nijboer

Type: CD
Label: Aliud
UPC: 8717775551652
Catalog number: ACD OE 124-2
Release date: July 17, 2022

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The love of nature and Sufi poetry are the threads running through the production of this CD. I’ve been looking for a way to connect these two themes to music for a long time.

At the age of thirteen, my first guitar teacher, Leo van Rutte, introduced me to the music of the composer Agustin Barrios. I found his music to be mesmerizingly beautiful and I was so inspired by this composer that at the time I was determined to devote my life to the classical guitar. Barrios was not only inspired by Western European romanticists, but also by indigenous music, nature, and religion. His composition Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios (An Alm for the Love of God) is a clear example of this.

In Sufism, the rose represents ultimate beauty and refers to opening the heart to the “One” or “Essence”. The text below is a stanza from one of Rumi’s many poems:

“What was said to the Rose
that made it open,
was said to me
here in my chest”.

In this regard, The Rose in the Garden by Carlo Domeniconi is of special significance to me.
It is my hope that the music on this CD will bring some comfort, stillness, and joy in our turbulent world today.

Rob Nijboer studied guitar with Willem van Lier at the Conservatory of Groningen.
In 1993, he obtained his degree as a teaching and performing artist, as well as a grant that allowed him to continue his studies with John Mills in London. Since then, he has participated in master classes with John Williams, Roberto Aussel, and Pavel Steidl.