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Artist: Klatwerk3

Type: CD
Label: Aliud
UPC: 8717775550952
Catalog number: ACD BR 080-2
Release date: February 15, 2015

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Klatwerk3, piano jazz trio from Groningen, The Netherlands, the Martini leaves behind and take you on a musical journey. The new CD Eyeopener can be heard as one big adventure, which includes space for stillness.

On the way to New York, the inspiring capital of jazz, Piano Man Klat handedly solve the fiancial crisis by throwing Money and he met along a deadly Tarantula.
In the encounter with the love opened his eyes (Eye-opener) and gives odes to family (Song for my Sister), to his musical heroes (Walk like) and Monk (Abdullah) Ibrahim.
He treats his companions BARBlues Vleij and Monastery, which support Klat and challenge. Finally, to the Flow unwind looking flor and reflction (Whispering).
Drawing on the tradition of jazz looking Klatwerk3 emphatic renewal and deepening.
In the renewed occupation and with a new course Klatwerk3 has a solid sound and
found a mature sound.
Eyeopener has become an alternate CD of brutal swing and funk to crisp cinematic

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