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ACD HH 046-2 - Viola Altera

Viola Altera

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Artist: Màtè Szücs

Type: SACD Hybride
Label: Aliud
UPC: 8717775550518
Catalog number: ACD HH 046-2
Release date: 04 June 10

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Since the beginning of musical history, the violin has played the leading role, while the viola has remained in an accompanying one. The viola has a rich and warm sound, and so is often considered as the ideal chamber music instrument. The larger size of the viola means that the distance the fi ngers have to cover between the notes is greater and therefore the margin of error is increased. Considering this
difference, it is of course easier to play virtuosic passages on the violin. But should the viola only be destined to play chamber music?
Several violists in the course of history have wrestled with this matter. Having asked himself this question for a few years, Màtè Szücs realises his own vision with this CD.

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