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O Muse comt nv voort

O Muse, comt nv voort

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Release date 30 April 10

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This CD is an anthology of the Dutch contrafact and contains poetry set to music. These are not original songs but texts written on already existing and well-known melodies. These songs are sometimes called contrafacts: contra: against or at, factum: written on an already existing melody. Between 1550 and 1750 this was a much loved and much practised genre in the Netherlands. Numerous songbooks appeared, booklets in pocket format which could be easily produced from your pocket when you wanted to sing. They contained the texts and the melodies to which they should be sung, with a tune reference: wyse, voys, stemme, vpden voix, op de wyse van etc. We have to retrace these melodies to be able to sing the songs. Fortunately some songbooks have survived with the tunes added in musical notation. A great many other melodies can be traced back to the international song repertoire of the period. Other sources are for instance lute tablatures, dance books, etc. It is remarkable how many tunes originate from outside the Netherlands. Many are French, English or Italian; fewer are German and Spanish. These must have been popular – or at least known – in the Netherlands, beside the familiar Dutch tunes.

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