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NOMAD Imagination, Roots of Love

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I composed most of the music on this album in autumn 2020, during a long COVID shutdown in Copenhagen, so when we recorded the first sessions in late February 2021, we were all fresh out of isolation. In fact, I remember leading the quintet and playing the flute part on “AIR- Peng’s Flight” while trying to ignore the high fever I had from a COVID vaccination. It had to “mind over matter” during that session. Recording the quintet’s instrumental tracks was a re-union with my Copenhagen based band with whom I worked with before moving to NYC in mid 2000s. Kristor Brødsgaard played bass and Daniel Muschinsky contributed once again his retro keyboards that are also featured on my earlier album,  With the addition of Ayi Solomon’s percussion and vocals, and Niclas Compagnol, who I had also previously worked with on drums, the quintet’s sound palate was completed.

But I felt that the album needed an additional edgy urban raw flavour that communicates the multi-layered messages. With that in mind, I reached out to my good friend, poet/MC and artist Rashad Dobbins. He is also featured on the same earlier album, and performed with my Junk “KAT” & Modiano in Copenhagen and NYC venues: Blue Note, Bowery Petry Club, etc.

These electro-acoustic tracks on the album were created in July 2022, featuring Rashad MATTHEW Dobbins’s poetry and rap, with my Industrial beats (made of industrial noises) and instrumental samples from the quintet’s recording. Although we had a short deadline, creativity was abundant and flowing on an intense pulse. My electro-acoustic audio files and Rashad’s lyrics and rap going back & forth across-continents and time zone differences (Cleveland Ohio / Copenhagen, Denmark.) I am truly grateful for all these masterful groovy KATs who joined me in bringing this album content to life.

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