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Flow My Tears

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Artist: Lacrimae Ensemble – Ronald Moelker, Sarah Walder, Regina Albanez

Type: SACD hybride
Label: Aliud
UPC: 0689076201230
Catalog number: ACD-HL-005-2
Release date 28 Nov 2005

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Famous melodies in their original form with virtuoso variations, improvisations on La Folia, ricercares from Diego Ortiz and Aurelio Virgiliano, variations on a theme from Christopher Simpson, and fantasies from Orlando Gibbons. These, combined with the buoyant music from Falconieri and the individualized music from Captain Tobias Hume, form a varied and coherent program. The Lacrimae ensemble was established in 1993 by the recorder player Ronald Moelker in response to a tour with mezzo-soprano Catherine Bott. The instrumental strength varies in accordance with the requirements of different stylistic periods. All members of the Lacrimae Ensemble are experienced performers of early music on historical instruments and have participated in numerous recordings for both radio and CD.

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