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Italian Master Pieces

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Artist: La Barca Leyden, Raymond Honing

Type: SACD hybride
Label: Aliud
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Catalog number: ACD-HN-022-2
Release date: 24 Feb 2008

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Music from: Platti – Vivaldi – Geminiani Veracini – Corelli

The world of music has been significantly altered in the past centuries. Today, almost everything is directed toward the mastery of but one instrument. But an ordinary Kapellemeister in the 18th century played many and various instruments, led orchestras, gave lessons, composed and improvised. We find the subject of improvisation particularly intriguing, and we have experimented with improvising preludes in concert before sonatas. It has become an interesting and somewhat daunting experience. We improvised several preludes during the recording of this CD, and we have used the two most interesting.

Though the history of music may have undergone many changes over time, there is one constant factor in that development that returns with great regularity, and that is Italy.
In his book, On Playing the Flute (1752), the famous German flutist and composer Johann Joachim Quantz asked, “How many great and celebrated composers Italy showed us, up to the end of the first thirty years of this century?” and thereby demonstrated the authoritative place that Italian music held during the Baroque.

In spite of all the research into historical performance practice, this recording remains a performance of 18th century music by musicians from the 20th century. There is no doubt that our thoughts and perceptions are influenced by the past 250 years. One tries as much as possible to live in another time, but finally one is another kind of person, with other baggage and living in another societal context.

La Barca Leyden
Raymond Honing – Flauto Traverso
Cees van der Poel – Harpsichord – Organ
Cassandra Luckhardt – Cello

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