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Dream in a Bar

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Artist: Duo Switch

Type: CD
Label: Aliud
Catalog number: AL 015
Release date: 18 Jul 2011

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The initial aim of Switch was to discover the existing repertoire for this combination; now, new works by talented young composers are being added. The name Switch was adopted from a piece of the same name written for the duo by Alejandro Castaños. The duo’s first concert was in the Arnold Schönberg concert hall in The Hague in March 2004, when the work Switch was premièred and Dmaathen by Iannis Xenakis was performed. The duo reached the semifinal of the Vriendenkrans competition of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. They played at the KEN festival in Glasgow (2004), won the Link competition in Tilburg (2005), and reached the semifinal of the prestigious Gaudeamus concours (2007).

Duo Switch is playing a tremendous repertoire with music from:

Switch – Alejandro Castanos
Dream in a Bar – Christian Lauba
Dmaathen – Iannis Xenakis
Divertimento – Akira Yuyama
Grab it! – Jacob ter Veldhuis

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