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Ronald Moelker

Ronald Moelker

Flute Player Ronald Moelker has done numerous concert tours and CD recordings as a recorder soloist and ensembles like the Lacrimae Ensemble and the Bassano Quartet. He moves easily and seamlessly between different musical genres. He unites a large number of styles and timbres and proves that the boundaries of what is possible with a recorder have not yet been reached. In addition to his work in the area of early music, he performs modern compositions and improvisations, including his own work, utilizing Tibetan Bowls and Percussion.

He has performed at major European Music Festivals such as the ECM Festival in Heraklion and the Festivals for Early Music in Utrecht, Brugge, Skara, Basel and St. Petersburg. He won several prizes and received awards at The Early Music Festival in Brugge and The Van Wassenaer Competition NL (First Prize). Ronald Moelker studied recorder at the Conservatory in Rotterdam and at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague

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