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Artist: Inspiration Orchestra

Type: CD
Label: Aliud
UPC: 8717775550693
Catalog number: ACD BB 058-2
Release date: 03 Feb 2012

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In these times of dramatic cuts in the arts and culture, the Orchestra and I set ourselves the goal of introducing a larger audience to the phenomenon of the “Symphonic Wind Orchestra.” Due to the specific instrumentation, extended with a rhythm section, the orchestra allows standard repertoire to be combined with innovative crossover music. By showing how a traditional orchestra is transformed into a ‘hip’ ensemble, the Inspiration Orchestra is an important ambassador for Dutch wind music. The unique evidence of this is the bonus track “Inspire the Environment”

A conductor is an intriguing person, obviously the leader of the orchestra, and the pivotal point during the rehearsals. Not just with his professional comments, but especially with subtle movements of his baton, his body language and facial expressions, he knows how to motivate his and inspire his team. His inspiration for the implementation of the business (the score) is the secret behind the success of the concert, the final product of the organisation (the orchestra).

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