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ACD BN 095-2 The Best of Joris Van den Hauwe Cover
ACD BN 095-2 The Best of Joris Van den Hauwe Cover
ACD BN 095-2 The Best of Joris Van den Hauwe Inlay

The Best of Joris Van den Hauwe

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Artist: Joris Van den Hauwe

Type: CD
Label: Aliud
UPC: 8717775551140
Catalog number: ACD BN 095-2
Release date:  08 September 2017

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„Playing the oboe feels like a privilege to me” by Thiemo Wind

Joris Van den Hauwe belongs to the unique circle of international oboe musicians. This compilation CD provides a brief summary of the various recordings he has made over the years. “Yet this is only one aspect of me,” is the almost apologetic comment from the inspired and versatile musician. He was the first to perform the Sequenza for oboe by Luciano Berio in Belgium and also premiered many other modern works. “I could easily fill a CD with contemporary music.”

His first recording, devoted to Italian oboe concertos from Vivaldi to Bellini, was with I Fiamminghi. It was in 1989, Van den Hauwe was only 26. Nevertheless, he had already been playing with this renowned Belgian company of violinist Rudolf Werthen for more than ten years. He made his debut there when he was 15 years old. His subsequent CDs involved other chamber orchestras. He recorded Mozart’s Oboe Quartet with the Salzburg Soloists. “In Mozart Year 1991, we played that piece 150 times. About every other day, throughout Europe”.


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